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James and Donna Daugherty Art Collections

Shop for artwork from James and Donna Daugherty based on themed collections. Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Artwork by James and Donna Daugherty

Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About James and Donna Daugherty

James and Donna Daugherty James and Donna are American born and southern raised. We love to do art shows and have shown our work in many areas of the U.S. James is a musician, painter, song writer and singer. He also makes all of the frames for our original paintings. Donna is a cartoonist, writes short stories, children's books, poems and songs. James is currently working on abstract acrylic paintings on canvas and wood. Donna is working on cartoon and whimsical paintings and always, a new cartoon line. Inspired by the beauty and humor of the south. Fill your home with comfort, peace and amazement ... give a nurse gift! ... LIVE with a twist of humor & LAUGH at the little things in life. # # # . . . a Nurse and a Music Man . . . This combination of art produced by a nurse and musician is quite unique. Particularly when she is the cartoonist but he’s the one with the sense of humor. She’s learned to be funny and he’s learned to paint. James does all of his paintings outdoors. Many times Donna has looked outside to see children from all over the neighborhood watching him paint and running around his easel playing tag. You won’t find many of Donna’s cartoons where she hasn’t drawn or painted the ‘toon and not asked James what’s funny about it! Most of her toon’s text is what he’s come up with. They both want you to experience life through their (her serious – and his humorous) eyes. She loves the country owls, hearts and funny whimsey houses … and anything cartooney. He likes to look at the beautiful scenery in front of him and capture a bit of it in his painting. His landscape scenes, beach and palm scenes are among the favorites of his clients. James and Donna Daugherty’s check designs are a great way to carry a small piece of art with you, everywhere you go. Our medium is acrylic, illustration, watercolor, pencil & ink. We offer a wide variety of graphics from cartoon and whimsical to a more serious mature graphic as well as beach and landscape scenes. Our art can be reviewed by Gallery or individual Collection. You will also be able to view our art on many different products to get a feel for how our art may look on your products. James has been in the music business for over 30 years and still loves it. He has played with some of the best musicians in the country. As a singer song writer, he has had opportunity to travel the U.S. and played at some of the best places he otherwise would have never seen. His southern rock and classic rock background, along with a strong country influence, makes for a fun event where ever he goes. The joy of entertaining is what he says keeps him going night after night. His late mother and a sister have wonderful paintings to show off their talent. James has only begun to see what he’s capable of in the art world. Donna is an American born freelance writer and graphics designer. She enjoys working as an ICU critical care nurse. Walking on the beach with her husband and talking about the characters in her books is a favorite hobby. She’s been a writer most of her life, from poems to songs to short stories. A favorite day dream is writing a biography that includes the statement, “Her latest book has won the Pulitzer Prize”. Genres: Fiction, Children’s Stories and Songs, All Occasion Poems, Nurse Hazel Cartoons, Fish & Shrimp Cartoons, What life is about by Sissy and her cat Scratch, any many others. “I love to draw and doodle. Sometimes my drawings turn into cartoons and sometimes paintings. My favorite things to draw are hearts, make believe flowers, whimsical houses, and funny looking women!.” She’s wanted to be a cartoonist since she was three years old when her dad gave her the funny page and she would sit and try to figure out what they were saying. She remembers him turning the page right side up for her so she could read it better! She is from a family of artists with her dad, late mother, and a brother who are much better artists than she could ever possibly be! Please visit our publisher at for other products that we carry. # # #